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Patient Testimonials
Dear Andrew
I am so grateful to you for having given me the ability to see things clearly, to be able to read and write without glasses and somehow to see colours in a way I cannot remember. Thank you, thank you! Also thanks to Sandy for her friendly assistance. Bless you.
Maggie, after cataract surgery
Dear Dr. Perrott
It is truly wonderful to see a bright, beautiful world. Thanks to your skill the mists have rolled away and each day is a joy. A big 'Thank you' from a grateful.
Jeanette, after cataract surgery
To Dr Perrott
Having laser is the best thing I have ever done. Everyone I see I try to convince them that's it's so worth it.
David, after LASIK
To Dr Perrott
Thank you for giving me the gift of sight again is truly amazing that I can see again without glasses.
Tessa, after LASIK
Thanks for everything - operation has really helped me feel better about my eyes and my self-confidence has improved. I have 'before' and 'after' pics, and the change is quite dramatic. Take care and thanks again.
Simi, after pterygium surgery
I would like to thank Dr Perrott for squeezing me into his busy schedule on the 09/03. I had no appointment but he made himself available to urgent questions that needed answers. Doctor, you immediately made me feel more confident about my situation and at the same time, made me realise that my problem can be fixed one day. It is very nice knowing that when you have a crisis and need urgent assistance, a doctor like yourself is just down the passage. Thank you once again...
Dear Dr Perrott
Words cannot express my gratitude. You have given me an amazing gift - to see again and for this I will always be grateful. May your kindness turn into beautiful blessings. God bless.
Brenda, after cataract surgery
My vision is so good! I often praise God for what you have done. It's amazing! Yesterday I went to the beach and I could see right to the horizon. And I could see a boat on the horizon! I have never been able to do that.
Esme, after cataract surgery
Dear Andrew
I will never forget what you have done for me. You are in my top top books!
Annie, after cataract surgery